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Plumber Installer and Service

Alejandro Santibanez          M - 41317   

Repair, Replacement  or installation

Slab Leaks                                                         Lavatory faucets
Water Heaters                                                    Lavatory sinks
Tankless water heaters                                      Bathtub  Faucets
Drain clean                                                         Shower faucets
Sewer camera inspetion                                     Bathtubs
Plumbing test                                                      Kitchen Sink
Gas Testing                                                         Garbage Disposals
Sewer Lines                                                        
Water Lines

toilet flange
toilet flange
toilet flange
toilet flange
main pipe
main pipe
correction the pipe obstruccion
fix  pipe
fix pipe
tunnels to fix drainage tubes
gas line
gas line
new gas line to fix leak
water heater
water heater
fix securely, the installation is incorrect