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                                               Windows remodeling

      Before                                            After

after  patio  wood  sidingbefore patio  wood ,siding 
       Start the demolish  :                                                                 Continue :
frame  wood  windowdemolition  patio for install new windows 


                                                          Clean and demolish :

patio  remodel processinside  windows 


                                                                                                          Before  looks like this:
before  siding part badinside  patio  frame                                          


     And this :                         We start install a special sheet  :
installing windows  patioinstalll windows

Continue :
preparation  windowsteam  working  outside   

                                                                         we install new wood in all windows :
install windows  siding patiointerior  patiio 


 Preparing indoor of  the windows :
installing  ac  inside  patiopreparatrion inside 

  Continue :
after  paint window  installing window   & painting 


install  new  doorpreparation  for paint 

Install the walls :

install   sidingpaint siding  outside   


Continue :
finish   out side  paintsiding   installl 



finish this stage :                             And now we start   paint :
paint  outside   sidingfinish paint  out side 

 Continue :       
outside   sidingpaint  outside 


Continue :                                        

outside    trimpaint  siding 


                          Last process and continue  to decorate :
outside   fix windows   siding  door 

                            We finish :

ouside   finish  windows 



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