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         Process  Remodeling
remodelition old tile
  We start to demolish :
demolition the tile
      Continue demolish :
clean  shower tile
Clean all surface an walls :
install  insulation
 Preparing all walls :
 install frame  wood
Continue preparing floor and plumbing :
 make plumbing
 Installing all sheet rock :
hadybacker  install wall
  Special tape and glue :
sealent  menbrane
screws for hadybacker
  Install tile :
tile  wall, floor.
  Continue :
install faucent trim 

  Continue :
install  tile in shower
    And the last thing :  put the grout
paint bathroom  all wall
 More remodeling of Bathrooms :
shower old
old  shower

Start to demolish                                                                                                                              Continue :         
old shower 

      Preparing the floor  :                                                                           
pan liner,  new drain 
hadie backer , sandmix in floor 

     Continue :                                                                          Plumbing :
plumbing  new valve 

   Special tape and glue :                                                         Install tile :

                                                               Continue :


     Grout :                                                                                                         And the final :


Beautiful bathroom